Are cakes any good without frosting? Is an outfit complete without a handbag?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we can’t help you honey. But if you agree that the perfect outfit can be made even better by the right handbag, then look no further.  

Here are some of the hottest handbags and accessory Latin Brags you must check out!




Created by Mexican designers Malena Ibarra, Karen Humphrey, and Cynthia Luna, Caletia is the rare handbag that combines beauty with practicality. Each Caletia collection is inspired by a different indigenous Mexican group, with this year’s handbags coming from the Comcáac Seri of the Sonora region!

From smaller ‘going-out’ style handbags, to stylish traveling backpacks, Caletia has the right piece for every occasion. But don’t worry too much about size, because even Caletia’s smaller handbags are capable of fitting all your necessities inside.

Learn More about Caletia here!



From Paris to Mexico City, ¨Le Voyage¨ is a new line of luxurious bags inspired by everyone’s favorite time period: the 1950’s!

If you’re skeptical about how a 1950’s style handbag is trending in 2021, then you’ve never seen the timeless design of famous Mexican designer Fer Millan.

Fer Millan’s style has been inspired by the femininity of the great icons of cinema and the elegance of classic films. With this in mind, she designed a handful of beautiful yet timeless handbag models ready to transport you into vintage France and back to a ready-to wear modern world.

Are you into the jaunty style of Marylyen Manroe and Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950’s? Then check out Fer’s beautiful, luxurious bags, handmade by Mexican artisans.



Elegant, detailed, and timeless. What more can you ask for from a piece of jewelry?

¨Details in  jewelry are always crucial in both design and production. Therefore, the best materials and handmade processes are used in small batch productions that give the pieces a unique and personal feel.¨ 


Mexican designer Carolina Alatorre has her jewelry handmade by expert artisans because she believes that is the only way to create the perfect piece. In fact, even the handmade design process changes from piece to piece, depending on which technique Carolina feels will create the best handbag.

No wonder why she keeps nailing it every time with each design!

Learn More about Carolina here!



A wise (and fashionable) woman once said, your handbag and shoes should always complement each other.

Well, that wise woman would love to shop at Eileen Garcia.

Founded in 2011, Eileen Garcia has created a vintage-looking collection of handbags and shoes that have been reinterpreted with a contemporary feel. Elegant, chic, and practical—this Mexican fashion brand has handbag and shoe styles for every occasion!

And to top it off, Eileen Garcia works exclusively with local Mexican artisans who specialize in traditional leather techniques.

Who wouldn’t want to look fashionable while supporting local?



How many rings and accessories are too many?

Trick question! There are no limits.

This is the perception of Colombian brand, Daniela Saucedo. Starting off as a university project, Daniela Saucedo is now one of most successful fashion accessories brands in Colombia.

Each piece is handmade in Bogotá, creating a diverse collection of rings, earrings, bracelets, and many other unique pieces.

Daniela describes her designs as ¨fun and bold¨ and we would have to agree!



Get ready to spend the rest of your day online shopping, because after this post, who could resist such temptation?! Besides, something that we love about these unique latin brands is that they support small local manufacturers and stay in touch with their latin roots.

They make it easy for us to #shoplatino !

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