Summer season is right around the corner, and that means you need some inside information on what’s going to be trending! Well, here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming Latin fashion trends for summer 2021.


An optimistic vision of the future and a tropical aesthetic combine to create this capsule collection based on maximalism.


What influenced this upcoming trend? 

After a rough 2020, this year’s fashion choices are inspired by the public’s positivity and optimism for a new beginning, resulting in a striking and daring look that is highly commercial.

The emotions accumulated in recent months are expressed through intense colors, with a focus on a maximalist look and tropical aesthetics. Resort shirts and laid-back gender-neutral silhouettes are wearable, while textured surfaces update dresses and tops.


  1. Autoexpresion

Tropical Hype centers around teenage consumers that are constantly looking for extreme visual stimulation as a way to express themselves, especially their frustration with feeling trapped at home these past months.

  1. Tropicalism

Tropical influences reflect the desire of a new summer full of hope and optimism, in contrast with the rest of the year. Long periods of quarantine feed the dream of going on tropical vacations in ideal surroundings.

  1. Maximum Aesthetic

Optimism has been repressed, yet is now making a surge in an exaggerated way. Vibrant colors, tie-dye techniques, and color stains stand out by bringing a maximalist look.

  1. Connection to Fashion

Young people today are now the emerging consumers, after having been on standby this past year for obvious reasons. This evoked a great hunger for more sensorial reactions and attractive textures, specifically through popping pieces.





Yes, shorts, but not any type! The shorts show off striking plain colors and move away from the prints to complement the looks in which the top is the protagonist. Yellow, orange, and red reflect the tropical heat with a cheerful touch, while blue and green refer to the sea and the characteristic vegetation of this climate.

Shorts often feature waistband details such as paper bag waistbands, laces, or integrated belts. Bet on models with a high waist and slightly flared cuts.



Opt for short styles for the summer season.

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