MARIA VOGEL - Mexican Designer who appeared in Fashion Week

Maria Vogel has been on everyone’s lips since she launched her first independent collection in 2010, after just one year of graduating from the Fashion Design Career at Cedim University at the age of 23.

Vogel has been recognized for making women feel powerful, sexy, and classy all at once when wearing her clothing, and it is almost impossible not to feel that way when each of her pieces are so subtly seductive and unique.



The Mexican designer’s original ‘minimalists' with a touch of rock style designs and collections have led her to many career achievements, such as having her designs featured on the most important fashion magazines in Elle Mexico, Vogue Mexico and Latin America, Nylon Mexico, Harper’s Bazaar Mexico, and many more.


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Similarly, after just two years of being in the industry, Vogel accomplished one of the most desired dreams of every fashion designer by presenting her collection in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico, the most important annual fashion event.


    Maria Vogel MBFW 2011 Runway 

Here is a timeline of the designer’s most iconic moments that have made her one of the coolest emerging Mexican designers!


In 2013, Maria Vogel showed the industry that trusting your intuition is the best way to demonstrate your authenticity. That year, Vogel gave an unexpected twist to her brand and decided that it would be based on timeless collections, meaning she would only drop one collection a year instead of the standard four. The move proved successful and showed the world she was capable of staying true to her ideals and vision without sacrificing her success.

         Maria Vogel 2013 Collection


In 2014, Maria Vogel was part of the “Shaped in Mexico” exhibition in London where she displayed unique fashion pieces that were unlike anything that had been seen before. She was also a finalist in Vogue Italia “Fashion Talents” this year.

           Shaped in Mexico 2014 Maria Vogel Runway      


After looking through Maria Vogel’s oldest yet timeless designs, we are excited to show you the top sellers from Vogel’s top notch collections that you can still buy in her online store.


Dare yourself to add one of Vogel’s classic pieces to your collection!


        Maria Vogel Babi Skirt                                   Maria Vogel….


 Maria Vogel Bomber body

Maria Vogel ……. 

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