What comes to mind when you think of Mexican fashion? You probably think about artisan made, handcrafted, bright colors, and typical embroidery that are representative of Mexican culture.

As a Mexican, it is impossible not to appreciate these traditional characteristics of Mexican fashion! Unfortunately, my minimalist fashion taste does not quite fit this style.

The good news is I have found a collection of uniquely styled, high-quality brands that are aesthetically different from traditional Mexican fashion.

And the even better news is that all of these brands were founded in Mexico- making them the perfect fit for Semiya’s mission to spotlight emerging latin brands deserving of global recognition!

I’m excited to share two of my top handbag brands:

When I first came across Atra, my eyes could not believe what they were seeing. The quality and uniqueness of their three eccentric-structured bag styles have everyone obsessed with this brand.

Similarly, the sizes and tones of available colors for each piece are mind-blowing! Perfectly designed to wear during the day or night.

I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of accessorizing your wardrobe with bags that can be worn at any time of day, for any occasion, and can complement any outfit?

Here are my top picks from Atra: 

Saturno Red bag

Luna Red bag

Saturno Mint Bag


Are you a Latina that’s into makeup?

If you answered yes, then it is safe to assume you are familiar with the famous Anna Sarelly!

If not, then allow me to introduce you to one of my closest friends.

Anna Sarelly is a beauty vlogger, influencer, fashion icon, entrepreneur (let’s just move on before I spend the next few hours listing all the impressive things Anna does).

As one of the hardest working people I have ever met, I have always admired the effort and passion Anna puts into each of her projects. Of course, her new clothing line Sarelly.Sarelly is no exception.

Anna’s fashion and makeup have always been characterized by a distinctive style, something clearly reflected in Sarelly.Sarelly.

Want three reasons to buy Anna’s first handbag collection? Well, here you go!

  1. Size: Anna’s ‘Everyday Bag’ is neither too big or too small, making it the perfect size for everyday use.
  2. Versatile: Anna created three different straps that can modify the hand bag depending on where you are going. The adjustable main strap allows you to wear it as a handbag, crossbody or around the waist. You choose!
  3. Unisex: Anna’s unisex design means you can share your bag with your boyfriend, brother, or any male friend that appreciates looking fashionable!

Here are the 2 different colors and straps’ mix and match of the Everyday Bag so you can take a look at how many ways you can wear it.

Black Everyday bag with regular strap as a crossbody.

Black Everyday Bag with Brass chain strap as a crossbody.

Ivory Everyday Bag with Plastic Strap with Marble finish as a handbag

Ivory Everyday Bag with regular strap

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