Glow & Grow: Valeria's Fashion Journey

Who Is Vale?
Hello hello! I’m Vale, the new brand ambassador for Semiya and I am so excited to be here! How did I end up here? This was the first thing I asked myself when I began to write this blog. Let’s start with a throwback! I remember the first fashion brand I was ever a fan of was Maaji. My parents are from Colombia and every time we would go to Medellin I had to visit their store to get a new swimsuit with a beautiful print and vibrant colors. 
The designs made me feel unique, like I shined in some way and I believe that is the reason why the brand is so successful nowadays, selling in stores such as Revolve and presenting in Miami Fashion Week. Fun fact, I had a full circle moment where I found myself backstage for Maaji’s fashion show in Miami Swim Week 2022 and I modeled the same week for a collaboration within Maaji and Istituto Marangoni, a beautiful one piece bathing suit created by my friend Marco Babilonia. 
Cultural Influences and Passion for Fashion
I was born in Florida but both of my parents are from Medellin and I grew up in Costa Rica ever since I was three months old. A beautiful country filled with nature, color, happiness and smiles. The beacher is beautiful and I'm going back to visit my friends and family. Our favorite place is Playa Hermosa, it’s like our sanctuary.

We travel a lot to Cartagena and Medellin where the streets are also glistening with amazing energy and the music is present anywhere you go. Growing up between these two countries has influenced me in who I am today and how I represent myself through fashion, helping me gain self confidence. 
Figuring Out My Place In The Industry
After graduating in 2021 I moved to Miami to study fashion design at Istituto Marangoni, it transformed me as a person and my passion for fashion grew even more. I learnt that what I had a bigger passion for was social media, marketing and fashion business. This made me take the next big step and I moved to Los Angeles to study fashion business and work in marketing. I love being a marketing girlie hahaha and sharing my life through social media. 

Ever since I moved here I feel like I have had the chance to learn so much about myself in a small amount of time; I love flowers and getting them for myself. I eat sushi around three to four times a week because it’s my favorite food. I adore puppies and we have two at the office that are like my babies. I love seeing people happy and making them smile. I am that friend that tells you “do it for the plot” or “c'est la vie”. Always wanting what’s best for you and motivating you to take the next step.
The Power of Authenticity and Happiness
In my life I have realized that we need to stop seeking happiness and create it instead, I learnt to turn on the light that is already within me. This can be through fashion, social media, dancing or singing with my friend in the middle of the street; the most beautiful thing in life is living it with happiness. 
Semiya’s Monthly Column Expectations
How can you take advantage of this column? Here we will talk about things from the latest fashion trends to topics about mental health. This is a space where we can all feel safe and learn between us. I will write to you monthly and it will be published every 15th of the month. Here you can read the tea, tips and fun story times!
A Message For You
You are unique, keep blooming.