Marimba - Cocobongo

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Brand From: Mexico

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Macrina's Highlights

The Manila Cocobongo
 - Long gone are the "I have nothing to wear!" days, the Marimba top is here and is ready to be worn everyday if needed. It's a see through short sleeved top with ruching details on the sides. It's perfect for the gals that love comfort but hate sacrificing style, so yeah it's a best of both worlds kind of thing. 


-Polyester mesh


Body measurements (in cm):

XS - Bust: 76-83 Waist: 59-66 Hips: 84-91

S - Bust: 83-90 Waist: 66-73 Hips: 91-98

M - Bust: 90-97 Waist: 73-80 Hips: 98-102

L - Bust: 97-103 Waist: 80-87 Hips: 102-108

XL - Bust: 103-108 Waist: 87-94 Hips: 108-114

Mexican designer Angela, creator of the sustainable brand produces beautiful designs that are meant to be worn all day and every day! Angela created this brand hoping to break trends and develop a mindset of empowerment! Macrina allows you to feel comfortable and awesome while wearing her designs! Who knew those two were possible right?  

This brilliant brand represents many of the values that fashion brands should aspire today. Every collection you see is made by hand. Since launching, Macrina launched the initiative to eliminate overstocking in hope of eliminate any waste in our planet. Next year, Macrina will be launching a new line you will be able to get here at Semiya that will deadstock, which is material that will usually go to waste.

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