Maxi Mix Blouse

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Brand From: Mexico

Carolina Escobedo's Highlights: 

The Maxi Mix Blouse
is a Long shirt, Mao collar, detail of covered buttons up to the lapel waist, puffed sleeves.








84 cm

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90 cm

94 cm

98 cm


60 - 63 cm

66 - 68 cm

70 - 72 cm

76 - 78 cm

82 - 84 cm


86 - 88 cm

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102 -104 cm

108 - 110 cm


Caro Escobedo, is a designer from Guadalajara Mexico who started designing from aa young age. When she was 6 years old, she would draw different outfit designs to which her mom would bring them to reality. She then became popular around her city helping design dresses and outfits for friends. After a high demand for her designs, she knew it was time to start her own brand, so her young hobby that turned into a passion, initiated the incredible brand of Carolina Escobedo.

Carolina Escobedo found inspiration while in her honeymoon, while drinking a pina colada in Bali, she felt she had everything but the right attire for the occasion. When it was time to go back to the drawing board, she knew exactly what she wanted to design and bring to reality.

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