Palm Beach Dress

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Brand from: Uruguay

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Mandinga Highlights: 

The Palm Beach Dress 
comes with an incredible print ready to be shown off! 

Size & Material


- 100% Cotton

Care: Hand wash or dry cleaning recommended.

About Mandinga: Mandinga, founded in 2011 by two sisters in Montevideo, Uruguay, is a brand that beautifully blends artisanal craftsmanship with a digital reinterpretation of their cultural roots. Their work is a celebration of textures, elements, and stories, drawing inspiration from the rich universe of Schaeffer and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

This small, tight-knit family values humanity as a core principle. Mandinga strives to create a sense of trust and seeks evolution for each team member. Collaborating with local dressmakers and artisans, they aim to strike a balance between practicality and the unexpected, crafting garments that are both unique and comfortable.

The heart of Mandingo's creativity lies in their prints, which serve as a primary source of inspiration. The brand explores a diverse range of Manuel techniques, capturing the essence of their designs.

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