Meet Semiya

who is semiya

Semiya is a fashion marketplace that proudly represents the Latin American talent. Our goal is to create and grow conscious shoppers by selecting brands that source locally, produce in small batches & with an ethical supply chain. Each of the collections curated for you are high quality, to ensure timeless and everlasting product for your closet. So not only you can use it now but pass it down from one generation to the next.

Each one of the brands featured in Semiya have an incredible story behind each piece. It's important for us that our community understands the story and process behind each brand so we do our best to share with you the behind the scenes of their process and ideas.

You canwatch our live interviews with each designer at Meet The Brands!

How it all started

While traveling the world,
we kept running into the most riveting fashion brands that were only sold locally, simply because they did not have the platform to grow outside of their own cities. After seeing the beauty of Latin American fashion, we knew the world was missing out!

We created the Semiya platform to share with you Latin America’s most unique and irresistible styles. Our team has searched the globe to test hundreds of the hottest Latin-designed fashion brands so we can give you our top recommendations.

Semiya’s vision is to
change the way people view Latin-inspired fashion by championing the idea that it is a unique, high-end style ready to make the leap into your wardrobe.


Elisa Ochoa

Elisa Ochoa is a chemical engineer with a passion for fashion and makeup. She moved from Monterrey, Mexico to Los Angeles when she got accepted to the University of Southern California and that is when she realized the need to unify the latin community in the United States. Her role in Semiya is a combination of her passions; fashion & the Latin American community. Elisa also has a podcast called "Derrumbando el Muro" where she interviews succesful Latin Americans in the US to inspire more latins to follow their dreams.

Enrique Licón

Enrique Licon grew up in the border city of Ciudad Juárez Mexico. During his youth, Enrique had the opportunity to travel Latin America at an early age for baseball tournaments. If he wasn't on the field during his travel, he was walking the streets of the most fascinating cities. Ones filled with culture, and rich in fashion. After graduating from the University of Southern California, with a bachelor in Politics and Economics, Enrique along with the Semiya team felt it was time they introduced the richness of the Latin American Fashion to the U.S.

Marilú Licón

Marilú Licón, is a proud Latina from Ciudad Juarez. She has a Degree in Law from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, and an L.L.M from the University of California Berkeley. She has always had two passions, one for law and another for fashion. As Brand and Legal Manager of SEMIYA she is able combine these two passions and work towards changing the stigma of Latinamerican Fashion and speaking to the empowerment of being a Latino.

Our process