Poka Noir

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Brand From: Mexico

Bani's Highlights: 

All Bani products have LIMITED PRODUCTION, only 5 pieces of that EXACT style are made. 

The Poka Noir is an artisanal handbag. This purse is handmade by Mexican Artisans that use a variety of fabrics that are 100% Recycled. It is woven on a pedal loom with threads made out of organic cotton and canvas fabric inner lining. The interior of the bag includes a zipper.

Uniqueness: Bani can be defined as dynamic and versatile. This is a brand that only uses recycled material. Bani finds a way to utilize what they have and create these incredible designs. Their exclusive use of resources and materials available for production make every item unique.

Dimensions & Materials:

- 32 x 22 x 15 cm

- Black
- Organic Cotton
- Canvas fabric

About Bani: While in Chacalapa, Oaxaca, the founders of Bani, Fer and Mariana, came across a craftsman who shared the same vision as them. They joined teams and put together a loom with the textiles and equipment needed to start creating the purses

The ideas for the pieces come from a variety of styles such as Moroccan, Indian and Mexican. However, Bani realized that they could recreate an industrial computer fabric on a loom at a high-quality artisan level. Thanks to the fusion of different elements and processes, this would make it something that reflected their creativity, authenticity and innovation.