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Encore Ear cuff

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Brand From: Mexico

The Encore Ear Cuff
is a unique ear cuff with Swarovski pearl detail. The eye-catching piece you've been waiting for. Easy to style and wear, 22k gold finish.

Weight: 4 kg

Handmade by Mexican artisans

About Carolina Alatorre: Mexican designer Carolina Alatorre has her jewelry handmade by expert artisans because she believes that is the only way to create the perfect piece.

In fact, even the handmade design process changes from piece to piece, depending on which technique Carolina feels will create the best handbag.

No wonder why she keeps nailing it every time with each design!

Listen to our interview with Carolina where she speaks about her journey to becoming a fashion designer, what inspires each of her collections, why she loves negative comments, how to embrace the creative process, and much more!