Orange Green Pants

Orange Green Pants

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Brand From: Ecuador

The Orange Green Pants are vibrant and colorful straight pants. Each color curve is joined in a patchwork style. This pattern is achieved joining different styles of textile.


  • 100% cotton corduroy 

    More about the materials and process:

    Hera Studio naturally dyes some of the garments with: beetroot, cochineal, red cabbage, turmeric, logwood, anatto seeds and avocado seeds. The materials Hera uses are natural fibers such as hemp, wool, linen, organic cotton and yute. Materials that when decomposed will be biodegradable. Hera Studio creates garments with vintage textiles that tell stories from the past created to live in this era. They source textiles from the 50's, 60's and 70's that are in perfect conditions.


    • Dry clean only 

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