5 Latin Fashion Brands You'll Absolutely LOVE!

Welcome to our first Semiya blog post!

We’ll take it that you’re here for one simple reason: you care about looking fashionable. Well, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to introduce you to the world’s next great fashion trend: Latin-inspired fashion.

Latin fashion brands are creating a unique, high-end style that need to become part of your wardrobe. And the best part is, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do all of the research for you!

We’ve scoured the globe to test hundreds of the hottest Latin-designed fashion brands so we can give you our top recommendations. This first blog post is dedicated to 5 of our favorite brands that we know you’ll absolutely love. Just read now, shop after, and thank us later.




What better way to start off than with the one and only Carmen Llaguno Studio. Carmen Llaguno is a well-known Mexican fashion designer who has taken it upon herself to redefine the New Feminine: romantic, ethereal, and at times… badass. And what’s more badass than a female Mexican fashion designer who refined her skills in New York City, London, and Paris.

Browse Llaguno’s collection and you’ll find beautifully rich, yet minimalist pieces that light up the room. Intrigued? Well, who wouldn’t be! Who wouldn’t want to wear a garment that the creator describes as “breaking the murals between lifestyle, art, and fashion.” Translation: jaws will drop when you enter the room.

Oh and did we mention she takes a philanthropic and environmentally friendly approach to her manufacturing? It’s true, Llaguno works exclusively with local artisans to create her beautiful luxury pieces using only sustainable materials and non-toxic chemicals.

Also for every order, Llaguno’s team plants a Mangrove tree in Madagascar.

What more can’t this woman do!



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If you hate boring, then you’re in luck with Johanna Ortiz. This Colombian designer has created an elegant collection of bold prints and flattering ruffles. Trust us, no boring pieces are allowed inside this brand.
The colorful scenery of Cali, Colombia inspires Johanna to create vibrant floral prints that you truly have to see to believe. When Nordstrom saw Johanna’s botanical print pieces, they thought the buds, leaves, and vines were “capable of sprouting beyond the confines of cloth.” Imagine that!
And if that's not enough, Johanna Ortiz has shown the world how to create the perfect silhouette for any woman. Tall or curvylicious, this brand´s elegance has no limits!
Johanna also takes her social responsibility to Colombia seriously, actively maintaining her brand’s production in Cali by collaborating with various indigenous communities and local artisans to produce her designs.
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Who says a fashion brand can represent only one Latin-American country? Well, Isla & White proudly represents three of them!
Founded by designers Florencia Bordino (Uruguay) and Claudia González (Ecuador), this Dominican Republican brand merges the sophistication of Latin American culture with a laidback Caribbean aesthetic.
Isla & White’s bold color palettes and elegant details somehow make you feel as though you’re on a relaxed vacation.
From the beach to the city, these sophisticated, contemporary designs will give you a versatile look ready for anything!


Casual wear? Not on Leal Daccarett´s watch…
When Colombian designers Francisco Leal and Karen Daccarret met studying fashion in Milan, they took it upon themselves to blend the elegance of Italian craft with the flair of Colombian culture, introducing the world to Leal Daccarett.
Leal Daccarett’s vibrant colors, endless patterns, and a modern ultra-femme aesthetic are making splashes all over Colombia.
This style is not only ready for a night out, but more importantly, ready to rock your wardrobe!
Originality at its best.
Each and every piece at Dâ Wearhouse is a one-of-a-kind creation that we assure you cannot be found anywhere else. No seriously, check out their website and try telling us you’ve seen anything similar.
In what can only be described as the perfect mixture of “eclectic and romantic; cuddly and daring,” Da Wearhouse has a truly unique collection of colorful designs. Not to mention we love the fact their silhouettes favor all different body types.
You know what they say, get out of the ordinary to dress extraordinary!

Learn more about Da Wearhouse HERE! 
So, now that you’ve discovered these brands, what are you waiting for? Dive in their websites and soak up all the Latinx fashion we are sure you’ll never let go…
P.S. Write down a comment if you would like us to write more about a specific brand and we’ll be up for it! See you in the next post!

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