The Ultimate Summer Prints on: FARM RIO

Ever looked for a dress that’s perfect for tropical weather? Well, this is the blog for you!

Early last year, I was online shopping for a friend's wedding in the tropical city of Oaxaca, Mexico. If you have ever been to Oaxaca, you know how humid and warm it can get. However, it’s not easy to find a comfortable multi-color dress that also looks stunning and elegant!

While scrolling Instagram, I saw an ad for the most exotic and colorful banana print dress that I instantly knew I needed. Immediately, I clicked on the site and I spent hours deciding between the many beautiful designs they offered. Turns out I was looking at one the most recognized clothing brands of Brazil, Farm Rio!

Originating in Rio de Janeiro in 1977, Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos created Farm Rio when they decided to create an extravagant clothing brand to sell at local fashion markets. Their exquisite pieces were so popular, that after only a couple of events the streets of Rio de Janeiro were filled with Farm Rio dresses. Ready to conquer the fashion world, Farm Rio began opening stores across Rio de Janeiro and saw instant success!

Today, Farm Rio is the most popular fashion brand in Brazil.

But what makes them so popular? Well, besides the high quality and distinct beauty of their dresses, much of Farm Rio’s popularity comes from how perfectly their clothing embodies Brazilian culture.

When I wear a Farm Rio piece, I feel ready to be surrounded by Carnavales, beaches, tropical weather, colorful architecture, and gorgeous free-spirited people dancing to Samba.

Today, I wanted to show you my favorite picks from Farm Rio’s latest collection. That way I am not the only one to have the incredible experience of wearing Farm Rio!


Dream Garden Midi Dress

Green Raining Bananas Maxi Wrap Dress

Mixed Prints Layered Mini Dress

Mixed Prints Multilayered Midi Skirt

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