How to Find the Perfect Jeans?

Don’t you hate when you’re shopping for jeans and you feel like you don’t know where to start or what’s trending? Well, you’re about 2 minutes away from never having to experience that feeling again!

Today we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about finding the perfect pair of jeans this season.

Ready? Set.. JEANS!




The rise is the measurement from the crotch to the top of the waistband.

Choosing the right rise type can depend on factors such as body type, occasion, or outfit. Most people prefer having multiple rise types in their closet, although we won’t stop you if you would rather stay loyal to one rise type forever!

Here are a few ways to go about finding your perfect rise…

Low rise:

    Low-rise jeans sit at or below your hip.

    These jeans are ideal for those with a shorter torso because there isn't as much fabric, making them more comfortable for shorter body types. If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that help elongate your torso, then low-rise jeans will be the perfect fit!

      (Jeans Alex - Ojo Sagrado) 

    Mid rise:

      These will sit slightly above your hips, about an inch below your belly button.

      A versatile style that can be used for just about any occasion, these jeans can even help your hips appear slimmer!

      Mid-rise jeans are also perfect for women with shorter torsos that are looking for high-rise jeans, since high-rise jeans may sit too far above the waist.

      (Criss Cross - Indigone jeans)

      High rise: 

        High-rise jeans sit at or above the belly button.

        If you’re looking to give the illusion of having longer legs, then this is the most flattering rise! With a rise generally measuring 9 - 10’’, high-rise jeans help define your waist and lengthen your legs. 

        (000057- JEANS AZUL FUERTE TIRO ALTO - Piso Uno Brand)

        STEP 2:


        Now that you’ve decided on the right rise, it’s time to find your style!

        Here is a quick guide on the 7 most popular jean styles…


        Jeans Styles Guide

        1. Skinny  

        Skinny jeans have a “pencil leg” style, meaning they are tight from top to bottom. Typically, these jeans are made primarily from cotton with a small percentage of Spandex, helping them stretch a little while still having a tight fit.

        (Indigone Skinny Jeans)


        2. Mom Jeans


        What are considered mom jeans?

        Remember growing up and seeing those loose-fitting jeans your mom used to wear? Those are mom jeans!

        Mom jeans usually have excess material around the crotch and legs… giving them a loose fit with a recognizable straight.

        (Indigone Jeans)

        3. Straight

        Straight fit jeans have a leg shape that is similar to a tube, meaning they have the same measure from the thigh to the ankle.

        The main difference between ‘straight’ and ‘regular’ jeans is that a regular fit follows the natural or 'regular' shape of the leg, resulting in a smaller fit around the ankle compared to straight jeans.

        (Ojo Sagrado Jeans) 

        4. Boot cut / Flared

        The boot cut has a narrow look on the upper part of the jeans with any type of rise. However, the game-changer is the wider bottom part.

        Women’s boot cut jeans will usually be slim up top, fitted at the knee, and have a leg that kicks out slightly—giving these jeans a flared effect.

        The resulting leg shape is great for wearing over boots, and also can be very flattering for curvier figures!

        (Piso Uno Jeans)

        5. Boyfriend Jeans

        Borrowed from the boys, the boyfriend jean cut involves a slouchy, relaxed fit, as if they were actually his but tailored for her.

        Boyfriend jeans are known for their comfortable and loose fit, and are typically favored by every body type.

        (Indigone Jeans)

         6. Baggy

        Baggy denim is making a comeback! If you don’t believe yet, just open up your feed and you’ll see!

        Society’s trend toward more casual, looser-fitting clothes has made baggy jeans one of the hottest trends in denim.

        (Indigone Jeans)

         7. Wide Leg

        Wide leg jeans are great for women with shorter legs because they can make you appear taller, slimmer and leaner!


        (Ojo Sagrado Jeans) 

        STEP 3



        • Dark Wash

        A dark wash pair of jeans is universally appealing to all shapes & sizes. Look for dark blue and black washes to add to your collection. Just make sure you know how to wash black jeans properly so they don’t end up fading!

        • Light to Medium Wash

        The lighter the wash, the more casual the vibe! Day or night, summer or winter, light to medium wash jeans are always appropriate.

        Pro tip: look for a seriously faded wash and pair with a light neutral top for a monochromatic look!

        • Colored Denim

        Elevate a basic jean-and-tee look with a darker hue, such as burgundy or olive. Punchier colors are great for warmer months!

        STEP 4


        To add an extra punch to your denim, search for jeans that are:

        - Colored

        - Patched

        - Ripped / scratched

        - Painted

        - Printed

        - Embroidered


        (Ojo Sagrado)                                    (Piso Uno)


        Now that you know how to choose your perfect jeans, you are ready to find that next statement jean piece for your wardrobe!


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