Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to get those summer outfits ready! You’ve got the dresses and bags ready to go, but what about a hat? The right hat can make your outfit come to life, giving you that fabulous style (and even more fabulous sun protection) that you desperately need for those warm summer days!

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of 5 latin hat brands that will become a staple of your summer wardrobe. So get ready to take your hat off to these brilliantly designed brands! Yes, pun intended ;)


1. Mains de Vapeur

mains de vapeur, king blue felt velour hat handmade with pins, latin american fashion brands, shop semiya


camel felt velour hat with pins and brown leather, handamade, shop latinx latin american fashion brands, shop semiya

Sneak Peak 

There have probably been some not so nice stereotypes about people who wear playing cards attached to their hats. Well, Mains da Vapeur is here to change that!

This brand’s playing card hat design is one of the most creative pieces of fashion we have ever come across. Mains da Vapeur’s incredibly unique hats are so stylish, elegant, and classy that they have even been featured in Vogue!

The process begins when Mexican designer Mariela Alexandra sketches out her ideas and then sends them to Ecuador where local artisans hand weave each hat. The artisans spend over 8 hours hand making each piece before sending them back to the studio where the final touches are placed.

All this to give you exclusive, high quality hat pieces perfect for every wardrobe.

2. Pasionarte

pasionarte, black felt velour hat with silver details, shop latinx, latin american fashion brands, shop semiya


pasioanrte, pink felt velour flat hat with black embroidery, shop latinx, latin american fashion brands, shop semiya

What do you get when you combine passion and art when handcrafting a hat? You get Pasionarte!

This brand's name speaks for itself, with every piece being a uniquely artistic design hand made for over 15 hours.

Founder Adriana Esquerdecide’s mastery of hat design and craftsmanship has been turning heads, and it is easy to see why! Take a look for yourself at some of our favorite pieces.

3. Luisa Fernè 

luisa ferne, grey gray felt velour hat with burned marks, shop latinx, latin american fashion brands, shop semiya


luisa ferne, gray grey felt velour fedora with white feathers and burned marks, shop latinx, latin american fashion brands, shop semiya

You know you are doing something right when magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, and Food & Wine are lining up to recognize and showcase your pieces.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t be attracted to the unique colors and shapes that have become a staple of Luisa Fernés’s collection. These timeless pieces are hand made with the highest quality materials, and will give you an unmistakable presence when you enter a room.

It’s no wonder why Latin celebrities like Camilo, Evaluna Montaner, and Sofia Reyes have worn Luisa Fernes’s designs at the Premios Juventud and MTV Music Awards.

4. Küerno 

kuerno, straw beige hat with black strap, shop latinx, latin american fashion brands, shop semiya
kuerno, white felt velour fedora, shop latinx, latin american fashion brands, shop semiya

If you admire fashion that is designed with every little detail in mind, then you are going to love Kuerno.

Featured in the most prestigious magazine editorials, Kuerno has become one of the top hat brands in México. 

Susana Altamirano, Kuerno’s founder and creative director, credits Kuerno’s success to the team’s obsession over every detail. Any hat from Kuerno is not only guaranteed to be handmade from the finest materials, but also an automatic compliment generator whenever you wear it!

5. Valment 

shop latinx, latin american fashion brands, shop semiya, valment, white felt velour hat with white tangled strap,


shop latinx, latin american fashion brands, shop semiya, valment, blue and beige straw hat with white tangled strap

Tulum anyone? I too raised my hand for that one! 

If you’re familiar with Tulum, then you already know all about Valment´s vibe. Valment’s hats transport you to the 24/7 classy day parties and tequila cocktails that can only be found on the beaches of Tulum.

Beyond their original designs and high quality products, we love Valment’s pieces because they employ Mexican artisans that use materials native to their country and culture.


Now that you've learned all about these amazing Mexican hat brands, feel free to visit their websites and support latin talent! Remember that every good, long lasting piece takes time to produce and get to your hands! So, let's work together to keep promoting latin designed fashion!

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