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A brand made specifically for you! Every piece from Mexican designer Lorena Saravia collection grabs your attention with its uniquely modern style.

The Brand

Lorena Saravia is one of the world’s most famous Mexican designers. Her brand is known for its feminine, elegant, and atemporal styles that stand out from her peers.

Each of Lorena’s products is made in a different Mexican region, from the Yucatan Peninsula to Veracruz, all depending on the artisans and materials required to best execute her graceful designs.

Lorena’s emphasis on quality means some of her pieces can take up to 45 days to create after you purchase them online! Not that her customers ever mind, knowing they are getting the highest possible quality.

Meet Lorena Saravia

Before getting to know more about the brand, I wanted you to get to know the mastermind behind every piece of art. Lorena Saravia was born in Mexico City and moved to Spain in her adolescent years where she studied fashion design at the Universidad de Diseño y Moda. After finishing her fashion design bachelor degree, she decided to go back to Mexico and launched her brand in 2010 under her name “Lorena Saravia”.

At the beginning, she started selling her clothing in a studio with another designer friend, until an opportunity of growth came when she was called to audition for the first edition of the contest “Who’s On Next” by Vogue Mexico. Saravia became the first winner of this competition and since then her brand started growing and getting to be known more nationally and internationally. After four years of launching her brand, the designer decided to open her first physical store in the most luxurious avenue of Mexico City named “Masaryk”, next to the most important international brands’ stores. 

Born and raised in Mexico, Lorena Saravia spent her early years tirelessly working to perfect her designs. Her hard work paid off when she was called to audition for the first edition of “Who’s On Next” by Vogue Mexico. Unsurprisingly, Lorena won the competition and her brand quickly rode the momentum to global fame.

Just four years after launching, Lorena opened her first store in Masaryk, also known as the ‘Champs Elysee’ of Mexico. Today you can find Lorena Saravia in a number of retail stores, as well as on her online site. In 2020 Lorena was featured in Forbes, if you watched “Next in Fashion” on Netflix, then you have already met her!

It’s no wonder why we’re obsessed with her work! Now that you know the story behind Lorena’s brand, here are some of our favorite picks from her latest collection.

Lorena Saravia’s cowboy boots are one of her most iconic pieces. You can find these boots in different colors such as white, black, blue, and green.


Tea top and Loa Skirt S/S 21         Aba Trousers and Kia Blouse S/S 21

Chima Blazer S/S 21

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