Remember stealing your mom’s makeup as a kid? Every time my mom wore her bright red lipstick, she would look so riveting that I’d think to myself “I want to look exactly like her!” I was more obsessed with growing up than Jennifer Garner is in 13 going on 30, all so I could wear makeup and feel more mature. Years later, red lipstick is a must-have part of my signature look.

Each of us has a distinct signature look, and I love seeing the unique ways in which Latinas use makeup to turn heads wherever they go. We are known for often using the most colorful and playful makeup styles that makes our unique skin tones and ethnic features stand out, making us feel powerful and confident.

Recently, I discovered a Latin brand that perfectly represents our community. Luna Magic is a beauty brand founded by two Dominican sisters born and raised in New York City, Mabel and Shaira Frias. These two Afro-Latin women wanted to support the Afro-American and Latin communities with products that embody their blend of culture and traditions. As a result, they created makeup lines with darker complexions to match our skin tones, something that is difficult to find in the makeup industry.

Launched in Los Angeles, California in 2019, Luna Magic’s first products were mink lashes, their most popular eyeshadow, and lipstick. Inspired by their culture, Mabel and Shaira strive for every detail of their products to represent the Latin community and our joyful way of living life.

We want to share with you our favorite products from this spectacular brand that has already been worn by the Latina singer and actress, Cardi B.

My favorite product from Luna Magic is easily this jaw-dropping red matte lipstick named ‘Gostosa,’ as it is a perfect color that looks amazing on any skin tone. 

A moment of silence for this palette. I mean, it’s breathtaking! The ‘Uno’ has both matte and metallic colors that create captivating looks. What I love most about this palette, besides its highly pigmented formula, is that the names of each shadow represents us! Reggaeton, mamacita, papi, salsa, and more are all included in the ‘Uno’.

Last but not least, I love these eye-popping faux-mink lashes! If you are into fake lashes these are made for you! Even though I have yet to try fake lashes, what caught my attention on these, besides looking amazing, is that they are made for both beginners and experts! So I will definitely try to make a look with them soon.

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