Shopping Latino? Here’s why (and where) you should!

Pop quiz! Name three things that remind you of Latin America...

Ok, time’s up! Without even looking at your list I can assume you went with some combination of food, music, history, family, architecture, color, romance, and adventure.


But notice how for most of us fashion does not make the cut? The traditions, history, and beauty of Latin American countries have such a strong global reputation, that we often overlook fashion as being one of the most important aspects of their culture.

LATAM is home to gorgeous, unique fashion brands that unfortunately do not have the global visibility they deserve. This is not for a lack of talent, because trust me, their fashion lines deserve to be on every fashion runway. The reason we do not see them on our feeds everyday is because there are no global platforms promoting their work.

It’s time we spotlight these brands by creating a digital home for the latest in Latin American fashion. Wearing LATAM fashion will not only have you lighting up the room with your trend-setting beauty, but you’ll also be supporting brands that embrace their hispanic origins by using fabrics, materials, and artisans native to their home country.

So where can I find this?

Semiya! Our digital platform will share with you Latin America’s most unique and irresistible styles. Our team has searched the globe to test hundreds of the hottest Latin-designed fashion brands so we can give you our top recommendations.

Semiya’s vision is to change the way people view Latin-inspired fashion by championing the idea that it is a unique, high-end style ready to make the leap into your wardrobe.

Browse our site and you’ll find well-researched blogs and a curated selection of product links pointing you to the best Latin America has to offer. And don’t worry, no more pop quizzes ;)

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