What are the first things that come to mind when you think about Chile? For me it was always red wine and beautiful landscapes.

My thinking changed when a Chilean friend introduced me to some of Chile’s local fashion brands. I was blown away by the gorgeously bright colors, high-end quality, and minimalistic style that defines Chile’s rapidly growing fashion market.

Now some of my favorite outfits are from Chile, and I didn’t even have to make the 30 hour round trip flight to get them!

Here are three of my favorite Chilean fashion brands:

108 LABEL 

Intrigued by this brand´s name?

108 is the (1) first step (0) to let go of everything (8) and transcend.

Costanza Hormazábal’s designs are inspired by nature's beauty, fusing contemporary and local artisan designs.

From start to finish, Costanza’s products are produced locally in the beautiful Santiago, Chile. Keeping everything local allows 108 Label to maintain the highest quality for those seeking versatile garments.

Comfortable, ready-to-wear pieces for the everyday outfit!

Aranxazu Llorente 

Aranxazu Llorente, Graduated in Visual Arts with a mention in sculpture and photography at Finis Terrae University. The origin of this began in 2016, intervening freehand leather jackets, taking the next step, to what is inserted today. Thanks to that, it has expanded into other products, such as clothing, scarves, bags, among others.

Have you ever seen art that you wanted to wear? Well, here’s your chance!

Aranxazu Llorente produces unique art designs and converts them into high quality clothing. This is one of the coolest and most futuristic fashion processes we have ever seen!

Whether it’s digital art work or hand printed drawings, each piece is unique and has a story to tell. Aranxazu’s product collection now includes clothing, scarves, bags, and much more!



If you value clothing made from the highest quality materials, then you are guaranteed to love Sisa.

Sisa’s is known for designing timeless garments that never go out of style, all with natural fibers to maintain the quality of each piece.

This brand also develops their collections locally in Chile and Peru, allowing them to maintain a close relationship with the local artisans they work with to ensure Sisa only creates responsibly made garments. 


We have presented three distinctly original brands that offer high quality in a variety of forms, from luxury, minimal garments to handmade colorful prints turned into fabrics, all produced locally in Chile.

Latin creativity and talent is out there, ready to be discovered and worn by us! Shop Latino and you’ll love it from the very first order!


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