Dâ Wearhouse

You know what they say, get out of the ordinary to dress extraordinary!

Claudia Melgoza founded Dâ Wearhouse to create a feminine, ready-to-wear fashion brand that can only be described as the perfect mix between eclectic and romantic!

Dâ Wearhouse has a truly unique collection of colorful designs. Not to mention we love the fact their silhouettes favor all different body types.

Each and every piece at Dâ Wearhouse is a one-of-a-kind creation that we assure you cannot be found anywhere else.

Interested in learning more about Claudia's entrepreneurial journey?

Listen to us interview Claudia about the importance of focusing on the product, how she launches new collections, why she decided to create Dâ Wearhouse’s bridal line, what inspires her design process, and much more!

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