There are few things in life that tell you more about a person than how they choose to decorate their living space.

For example, if someone owns any of these candle brands, then you know that person has amazing taste! But seriously, we all have unique personalities and it’s so fun seeing that reflected in the unique styles with which we decorate our place.

Whether you’re moving into a new spot or simply want to spice up your current decor, finding new brands to decorate and personalize your place is always an exciting activity!

Today, I will be showing you three amazing latin-owned home decor brands that will give your place a fresh latin style.


Talk about a one-stop shop! If you’re in the market for any type of home decor, you should start by checking out Mestiz. Here you can find marvelous furniture, rugs, tableware, ceramic decor, vessels and much more!

Mestiz is based out of San Miguel de Allende, México. Founded in 2015 by the architect Daniel Valero, Mestiz’s inspiration comes from traditional mexican handicrafts.

What astonished me most about the brand is how closely they collaborate with their designers, and give credit where credit is due. Mestiz’s website identifies by name the artisan who created each piece, as well as the materials used in the process.






Concrete Geometric

If you’re wondering what material Concrete Geometric uses to create each of its pieces, then just read the name! No silly, ‘geometric’ is not an art material ;)

This art decor brand uses concrete as the main ingredient in each of their enchanting pieces, bringing them to life with beautiful pastel colors. They have the cutest vessels, plant pots, and dishes to give your place more of a rustic feel.

My favorite part about Concrete Geometric is the tutorials they offer on their site. You can learn how to create ceramic decor pieces at home, using commonly found recyclable materials!

Plant pots

Heart shaped dish

LA paperweight

En crudo

En Crudo is a latin-owned brand that uses clay to create art decor with a minimalist aesthetic. Which is perfect, because if you’re anything like me, then you need at least one clay-made piece of decor in your home!

Every piece En Crudo creates is handmade by an artisan using the traditional Mexican techniques. Whether you’re looking for a pot, vessel, or lamp, En Crudo has the right piece ready for you that promises to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.




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