Hello, my name is Ale Farias, and I am addicted to decorating my home with beautiful candles!

Now, before you force me to check into Candle Decorators Anonymous, let me tell you all about my favorite home decor piece and where you can find the world’s best candles.

As a candle connoisseur, I enjoy traveling to a new market every weekend to browse all the unique candles made by amazing local brands. After a few months of bringing home a (way too many to admit) number of candles, I realized that most of my candles were made by latin owned brands!

Here are a few of my favorites :) 

Oh Comadre Candles

Oh Comadre Candles is a small latin owned business that perfectly represents Latin culture and traditions. There are no big factory processes here! In fact, every candle is hand poured personally by Marcella in Downey, California.

What makes this shop extra special for me is that Marcella’s creations instantly teleport me to Mexico. Her unique candle scents such as pan dulce, cilantro & lime, tres leches, concha, and horchata always make me feel hungry whenever these fabolous candles are lit.

Here are some other scents that you can get from Marcella’s artisan candle store:




Sol & Flóra

This candle shop was founded by Genesis, a Brooklyn raised Latin woman who appreciated candles since childhood. Genesis’s love for candles led her to start Sol & Flóra, a luxury candle business that drops the cutest collections with spectacular scents.

What I admire most about Genesis’s business is her commitment to sustainable and ethical processes. Every candle is fragrance-free and created with renewable ingredients. Sol & Flóra’s packaging is even biodegradable, meaning you can reuse their packaging for other purposes after your candle finishes. 

Here are some of my favorite picks from Sol & Flóra.

Lucky No. Candles

Nina Frazier-Hansen founded Lucky No. Candles after spending months testing how to create the perfect candle in her apartment kitchen. Besides creating the ideal candle formula, Nina also put herself in charge of every area of her business, such as marketing, suppliers, branding, and much more.

This latin owned candle shop’s formulas are made mostly from soy coconut wax, not to mention that every ingredient is completely natural, clean, and fragrance free.

My favorite part? Well, as a superstitious woman, I am of course obsessed with the fact that every candle has a hidden meaning. Nina makes sure every candle aligns its numerological meaning with the intentions of its crystals and fragrances.

Think of your lucky number and get your perfect candle!


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