I used to be the girl that never read what skincare or makeup products were made of, I literally just went for the brand rather than knowing what it had. However, everything changed when I kept running into articles asking the same question: would you eat the product that you apply daily on your face?

That’s when I learned that applying chemicals to your skin has the same effect on your body as eating them, because your skin absorbs the chemicals into your system. So obvious, but still mind blowing, right?!


I decided to prioritize the ingredients of my makeup products and started looking for more natural options. It was during this time that I discovered Ere Perez and instantly fell in love with her cosmetics brand!

Why have I become a loyal customer of Ere Perez? Firstly, I identified with her as a Mexican woman and believe in supporting Latina entrepreneurs. Secondly, her cosmetics are of the absolute highest quality and made entirely of natural ingredients!

Ere embraces natural healing and wellness practices because she grew up watching her grandparents practice this lifestyle. Ere believes that nature provides us with everything our body needs, hence why she decided to create a natural cosmetics brand.


Ere Perez makes each of her products naturally, using only botanical ingredients such as oils, vegetables, and minerals. Her commitment to environmentally conscious production means she never tests on animals and her products are completely vegan. 

These products are so clean that you don’t have to worry about accidentally eating your lip gloss!

Here are my personal favorite products from Ere Perez that I just can’t live without. Since the first time I tried these products I kept coming back for more because they are simply amazing! 

Mango Lip Gloss

My personal favorite! Not a day goes by that I don’t wear makeup on my lips and Ere Perez’s lip glosses with mango are definitely my daily favorites. There are 4 different colors that are made for every skin color and the one I use daily is the chill color.

Beetroot Cheek and Lip Tint

My second favorite product from Ere Perez is the beetroot cheek and lip tint! There are two colorways but the red shade shown here is my favorite. This shade is super pretty for cheeks and lips and when it fades it leaves a beautiful natural pink tone on your lips that looks amazing! 

Arnica Concealer

Last but certainly not least, this arnica concealer is perfect for those days when you don’t want to wear makeup but still want to cover your dark circles in a natural way. The arnica helps with the eye puffiness and is super easy to apply and blur on your skin!

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