If you had a dollar for every time someone mentioned meditation to you, you would probably be so rich that you wouldn’t need to meditate.

Just kidding, everyone needs to meditate- even you rich ones!

There’s a reason society has become obsessed with meditation lately. It’s one of the most popular techniques to help you foster a positive and focused mindset.

Today I’ll be sharing with you my personal experience with meditation as I discuss all of the positive impacts this ancient practice has had on my life.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator, here are the main benefits of meditation and how you can improve your practice!

Benefits of morning meditation

How often do you start your morning by dedicating 5 minutes to yourself? And no, I’m not talking about 5 minutes on your phone scrolling through TikTok.

Whether it’s  5 minutes or 5 hours, beginning your morning with meditation will help you get out of bed more quickly and with a healthier mindset.

Not only are you dedicating time to yourself and starting with a more positive attitude, you just completed your first task of the day only 5 minutes after waking up! I don’t know about you but I love the feeling of accomplishment in the morning.

Here are my top 3 benefits of early meditation.

  1. Positively impacts your daily mood. We are so used to waking up and doing things right away-- such as checking our phones, drinking coffee, starting work, etc.-- that we stopped dedicating time to ourselves and finding ways to boost our well being.

    This is why this benefit from morning meditation is my favorite! It’s amazing how practicing any kind of meditation for a few minutes in the morning can impact your mood and help you keep a peaceful mind throughout the day.

  2. Energy boost. It's crazy how you can sleep over 8 hours sometimes and still feel tired all day. However, since I made meditation part of my morning routine, I feel like I have 10 times more energy to go about my day!

    In fact, research says that meditation releases different stimuli in the brain which boost energy. Maybe it’s time we stopped relying so much on our coffee for energy?

  3. Healthier decisions. I’ve noticed that since I started meditating during the mornings I’ve felt that my daily decisions have changed for the better. By “daily decisions” I mean what I choose to eat/drink, who I decide to hang out with, and even how I choose to react in certain situations.

    As mentioned in the first benefit, meditation can uplift your mood and help you feel calmer than usual, helping you think clearer when making decisions.

How improve your meditation practice

Did you know, you can enhance your meditation with ritual products such as incenses, palo santo, sage, candles, oils, etc.?

My personal favorites are the palo santo and oils because of their relaxing scent. However, any of these products are great to clean your physical meditation space and improve your mental meditative state!

House Of Intuition is a Latino owned business based in Los Angeles, CA where I love shopping for ritual products to improve my spiritual practices. I especially love how they make special kits for just about any specific ritual that you’re looking to perform. 

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