When we hear the word exercise we automatically think of exercising our body, but what about training our face too? Yes, little did we know that we can tone our face muscles similar to how we tone your body muscles. Introducing the secret for toning your face and making your skin glow like never before... face yoga!

If you care about preventing wrinkles (naturally), then this may be the most important exercise article you ever read. No, not that kind of exercise. So put the weights down and keep eating that ice cream, because today we’re talking about face yoga!


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There are 57 muscles in our face and neck that we are constantly using for facial expressions such as smiling, talking, etc. Over time, these daily movements create tension in our muscles that increase the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Contrary to what unrealistic beauty standards in media and pop culture may lead you to believe, there is nothing wrong with aging. But who says we can’t age gracefully with 100% natural treatments?!

So forget about Botox and other unnatural treatments and welcome to the life changing world of face yoga! Here are some benefits of adding face yoga to your daily routine:


  1. Improve blood circulation: Improving the blood circulation of our body in general is great for our health, and when we exercise our face like we exercise our body, blood flow boosts and increases the collagen production of our face. This helps to create a healthy natural glow in our skin!

  2. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles: As a result of improved blood circulation, we create more collagen which tightens our face and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles that were already there. Daily exercise also decreases the appearance of future wrinkles!

  3. Release face tension: Common facial expressions not only create tension in our face muscles, but our entire body as well. By stimulating your face muscles with face yoga, you can release all of the daily tension that you didn’t even know existed!

  4. Tone and lift face skin: Improved blood flow and circulation can both lift and ton your face muscles. Meaning you can lift those cheekbones and tone those under-eye bags at the same time!
face yoga, wellness blog, botanical skincare routine, shop latinx, latin american fashion brands, shop semiya,

If you want to start on your face yoga path, learn the easiest and most effective exercises in our post Face Yoga for Beginners!

Just remember, face yoga every day (helps) keeps the wrinkles away!

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