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Cassia Fistula Hueso

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Brand From: Mexico

Maria Donatello's Highlights: 

The Cassia Fistula Hueso is a Textile suede hat in bone color with macrame detail, natural feathers and pin. Details in silver.

About Maria Donatello: MARIA DONATELLO is a brand created by two sisters. Norma one of the founders of Maria Donatello was diagnosed with skin cancer 6 years ago, and to keep her mind positive, the two sisters sought out to find a simple but fashionable way to minimize the chance of getting skin cancer and thought of hats.

Since, the brand has participated in New York Fashion Week, making them the first Mexican hat brand to represent Mexico there. This was a great opportunity for Andrea and Norma to present their designs not only to New York but to the rest of the world. Maria Donatello is constantly evolving and growing by also adding a collection of purses but staying true to their hats by releasing two new collections each year. 

Watch the Live Interview to see the behind the scenes of this incredible brand.