Terracota Bottle Bag

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Brand from: Mexico

Renata Lomeli's Highlights: 

Have too many things to carry in your hands like your phone, water bottle and purse? Don't know where to store your water bottle? The Terracota Bottle Bag is a multi-functional handbag with a unique design that has a detachable phone bag/wallet  and bottle bag, that allows you to carry your cellphone/wallet and water bottle in a fun fashionable way.

1. Detachable wallet/phone bag
2. Bottle bag
3. Adjustable and detachable handle
4. Detachable metal chain

*The Bottles included come in a gold color

Dimensions & Material for Wallet/Cell Phone Holder:
- 17 x 10 x 3 cm
- Exterior composition 100% cowhide
-Inner composition 100% textile

Dimensions Bottle Holder:
- Superior Diameter: 10 cm
- Inferior Diameter: 8.5 cm

Color: Terracota

About Renta Lomeli: The brand was born from the passion for fashion and design aiming to offer  he world through its products the best of and the essence of Mexico, creating timeless pieces with exclusive designs. 

Learn more about Renata Lomeli's process and remarkable brand on the  Live Interview!