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Dâ Flower Basic Top

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Brand from: Mexico

Dâ Wearhouse's Highlights: 

The Dâ Flower Basic Top Coral/nude mesh blouse with long-sleeved velvet flowers.

About Dâ Wearhouse: Claudia Melgoza founded Dâ Wearhouse to create a feminine, ready-to-wear fashion brand that can only be described as the perfect mix between eclectic and romantic!

Dâ Wearhouse has a truly unique collection of colorful designs. Not to mention we love the fact their silhouettes favor all different body types.

Each and every piece at Dâ Wearhouse is a one-of-a-kind creation that we assure you cannot be found anywhere else.

Learn more about Dâ Wearhouse on this Live Interview!

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